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The Day-of your event help is exactly what it sounds like.  It is help with the small details to make sure your event runs smoothly.  If you are organized and excited about planning your own big day, but just need help on your special day, then Day-of help is for you!


How I can help

On the Day-of Your Event....

I will be on hand to help with your Vendors as they set up.  I will be close at hand to answer questions, meeting with vendors at the site, being available to wedding guests to answer their questions and assist them as needed.  I assist with the cake cutting and disbursing, coordinating with the person that will gather and take home items after the event such as gifts and decorations to proper vehicle.


Does not include

Wedding pre-planning or Rehearsal coordination, assembly of props, carrying or assembling items 40 pounds or more, breaking down tables, assembling large items that require a ladder, loading large items in trucks, customizing seating charts or seating floor plans.

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I know that you want your wedding to be a unique day that celebrates you! Tell me more about the story of your relationship that you want to share with your guests. I will get back to you soon with some ideas!   Please feel free to send me a message or Call me at 972-984-8591 or email me at

(972) 984-8591